Why Tilt Tray Towing Is the Best Choice When It Comes To Accident Towing in Brisbane? Posted on 13th, Aug 19

Why Tilt Tray Towing Is the Best Choice When It Comes To Accident Towing in Brisbane?

If your vehicle’s been in an accident and you’re calling a Towing Company in Brisbane to have it towed from the scene, be sure to ask for Tilt Tray Towing. Tilt Tray Towing Brisbane, or Flatbed Towing as it’s also known, is the best towing option for dealing with an accident damaged car, truck or any other vehicle.

Top Benefits of Choosing Tilt Tray Towing for Transporting Your Accident Damaged Vehicle

  1. Tilt Tray Tow Trucks Can Transport Both the Damaged Vehicle as Well as Its Passengers

Unlike a regular tow truck, which can only accommodate one person, a tilt tray tow truck has ample front seating. This means that you don’t have to arrange for other modes of transportation for yourself and your passengers. Instead, you can hop onto the front seat of the tilt tray tow truck and hitch a ride along with your damaged car, saving yourself time and money in the process.

  • Less Time Consuming

Towing a damaged car is no easy feat and requires a lot of skill and patience on the part of the tow truck operator. Tilt Tray Towing makes the process of loading the vehicle onto the flatbed surface much faster. Since the tilt tray tow truck can access an accident damaged car much easier than a traditional truck, manipulating its platform into various positions and angles to gain access to the accident vehicle, it cuts down on towing time, speeding up the process and transporting your car quicker.

  • More Safe and Secure

Tilt Tray or Flatbed Towing is the safest and most secure towing option there is for your accident car. Here’s how it works: using hydraulic power, the tray tilts back to meet the ground. Towers connect a winch rope to the car and the car is then carefully pulled onto the tray. Once the car is loaded onto the bed of the truck, the operator will then bring the tray back to the original, horizontal position and secure the car for secure transport.  Now compare this with a typical hook-and-chain tow truck where the car will be dragged via the two back wheels for the entire journey – from the scene of the accident to the auto repair shop, while the two front wheels remain suspended. This kind of handling of the car can lead to more damage being caused en route to the auto repair shop, leading to damage because of towing – on top of the damage caused by the accident.

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