How to Handle A Roadside Emergency Situation Posted on 27th, Aug 18

How to Handle A Roadside Emergency Situation

Roadside emergency situations can be dangerous. Knowing how to handle the situation can save lives. Brisbane Discount Towing offers the following information on how to stay safe in a roadside emergency.

Staying Safe in Roadside Emergency Situations

Firstly, if the emergency is an accident and injury has occurred, call 0423 840 179. Some emergencies are less dangerous like a flat tyre, dead battery or engine trouble; however, if the situation is not handled correctly, it can become more complex.

Get Off the Road If Possible

If the car can still be driven, get it off the road and out of moving traffic as quickly as possible. If on the highway, pull to the right shoulder of the road and onto the grass. If you cannot get to the right side of the road safely, if the shoulder on the left is wide enough, pull to the left shoulder. If the situation occurs on a bridge, exit the bridge asap and then pull over. The key is to get the car and you safely out of moving traffic to prevent further catastrophe.

Stay Visible

In a roadside emergency situation making yourself visible to other drivers is essential. Turn on your emergency flashers. Once on the side of the road, place your reflective warning triangles a few feet behind the back and front of the car.

If You Can’t Get to The Side Of The Road

You may be stranded in the middle of a lane, and unable to move your car to the side. In a situation like this, call 911 and provide them with the information needed so they can help you to safety.

Call Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day and a service that provides drivers with the assistance they require. Your auto insurance card should have a roadside assistance number that can be called. If not, possibly your car owner’s manual. At the least, use the cell phone to get immediate help.

Stay in Your Car

Never stand outside of your car as by doing so, you risk being struck by a passing vehicle. Stay in your car where you are protected.

For the immediate response of a roadside assistance provider in Brisbane, please contact Brisbane Discount Towing. We are an experienced towing service that provides prompt responses to all roadside emergency situations. Get an upfront quote by calling us today.

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