What Do You Do When Your Car Breaks Down In Brisbane Queensland? Posted on 05th, Feb 19

What Do You Do When Your Car Breaks Down In Brisbane Queensland?

You call Brisbane Discount Towing Services: we’ll reach you in 1 hour or less.

At Brisbane Discount Towing Services, we know Brisbane the way we know Towing Services.
So, whether you’re a tourist or an Australian family who’ve driven down to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Logan,  Toowoomba or are even in Brisbane City – we will get a Tow Truck to you within 60 minutes of receiving your call.

Our trucks are stationed in places we know breakdowns happen

At Brisbane Towing Services, we learn a lot about where accidents and breakdowns happen in Queensland  from the daily calls we receive for help, the Internet and simply going through our past service records – every one of which we keep a record of.

The moment we receive a call, we respond to it. We don’t dilly dally around the place or muck around. We call the driver located closest to you, they hop into their vehicles and get to you without delay!

No-one likes to be kept waiting  

We understand that very well at Brisbane Discount Towing. So, if for whatever reason, we are delayed, we will immediately call and let you know our ETA.

If any of our staff have a breakdown or a flat tyre themselves, HQ will organise another driver – to ensure neither your time nor the integrity of our service is compromised in any way.

Different types of tow trucks to serve different types of needs

When you go professional in the Towing Industry, you quickly realise no two cars or customers are alike. So we have invested in multiple tow trucks to serve different needs. Luxury car owners may not like their cars dragged along busy highways and roads by winch – so for them we have introduced flatbed trucks and tilt-tow trucks. These lift your car entirely onto our Tow Truck so its wheels don’t touch the ground. You car and its moving parts are safer this way.

We offer:

  1. Car Towing Services
  2. Tilt-tray Towing Services
  3. Sports car and luxury car towing services
  4. Clearway towing services
  5. Unwanted car towing services
  6. Abandoned car towing services
  7. Unregistered car towing services
  8. Vehicle repossession services
  9. Fleet sale services

Brisbane Discount Towing Services

All our drivers follow the SAFETY policies laid down by the Queensland Government

Queensland roads are operated and run by the Department of Transport and Main Roads,  

It is mandatory for anyone operating a Professional Towing Service in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Toowoomba, Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast to understand these rules and obey them.

At Brisbane Discount Towing Services, we do. We have a zero tolerance policy for any activity that places our drivers or the clients they serve at risk. You can read the Department of Tran[psort’s rules and regulations with regards to Towing Services here at

More than 1000 cars towed to date

Few things matter more than experience. Experience teaches us what classrooms don’t. With decades of experience in towing cars, wrecking and reselling them, we are your FIRST CHOICE for Towing if your car had been in an accident or has broken down.

Best price towing guaranteed – no matter where in Queensland you are

Cars break down as often as people do, these days.  Towing Services is a professional Towing Company that specialises in towing cars, trucks, vans, Ute’s Jeeps – all sorts of vehicles – even agricultural equipment within Sydney or even interstate – from Sydney to Canberra and back.

Speed is of the essence – we’ll get to you when we say we will So if your car is broken down, or you’ve been involved in an accent, and need a tow, we’d love to help. For quick assistance, call us now at Brisbane Discount Towing on  0404 303 088.